New Jonny Transit

> New Jersey Transit 07.14 to New York Penn Station <

Inspired by Alan Treanor’s observation that my interest in the minutiae of everyday life is “like Seinfeld only not funny,” I thought I’d start my own blog.

No, that’s not quite right – more a bit of shameless self-deprecation aimed at getting you – yes, you personally – to read this first blog with slightly less suspicion and slightly more affection. (I know, this subsequent disclosure is bound to have the opposite effect, right?)

Here’s the real truth. I just started a new job and, as a consequence, I’ll now be spending the ‘best’ part of two hours every weekday sitting on a train. As readable as I’ll do my damndest to make these blogs, then – as lovely, as diverting, as overly eager – I can’t deny I’ll be doing so in large part to pass the time. My time, which otherwise I’d more than likely waste. If you promise not to hold such a grubby confession against me, I’ll promise in return to blush heartily with gratitude. You probably need a new blog to read like you do a stumbling bout of gout – hopefully, though, my attempts to entertain will occassionally succeed.

On the other hand, fuck it, either way I’ll be further down the track.


We’ll see what I end up writing about in these blogs. Whatever grabs me, I supppose, at seven in the morning when I should still be in bed, and at six in the afternoon when I should already be at home. Life, death, and all sorts in between. And movies – about which I just finished writing a whole, entire book… I’ll try and get it published and do everything that entails, but for you fine, good looking people I’ll also excerpt some choice chunks every now and then.

For as much as you read of all of this from here on in – sincerely – you have my thanks. If I can pleasantly pass a little of your time too, that really would be quite the thrill.


Suggested comment: ‘Gee, I never knew blogs could be so enhancing. Cheers, Jon, for improving my general wellbeing.’ [You’re very welcome, just don’t forget to bookmark!]

About newjonnytransit

Same as ever, only better.
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2 Responses to New Jonny Transit

  1. Sister! says:

    This is a bloody good blog bro….keep up the good work!!!

    Miss you

    LOTS of love

    Sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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