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Ladies and Sausages

At the risk of serving anyone rotund with too large a portion of displeasure, I’m happy to report a recent spurt of weight loss. Continue reading

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Public Enemies

Ward can push his luck like a hobo a cart full of scrap – but, lucky for him, most of the time he’s got a quarter’s worth of charm to pay for a dime’s worth of fight. Continue reading

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Extra Time?

It seems I really can’t dodge the fate any longer: setting aside a month for the watching of football is a luxury I can no longer afford. Continue reading

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Elizabeth, My Dear

Year after year, the Queen somehow manages to be full-time ridiculous, by accident of birth, without ever adding any ridiculousness of her own. Continue reading

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The German Red Sox

For an awful long time Boston were as England unfortunately still are. Continue reading

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New Jonny Transit

You probably need a new blog to read like you do a stumbling bout of gout – hopefully, though, my attempts to entertain will occassionally succeed. Continue reading

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